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5-APB Report – How my jaw hit the floor in wonder.

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So last Friday, I chose the time had come to put the 5-apb loose, that had arrived a couple days in advance, to the test. After work I went to my mates free house which was the ideal condition to attempt new medications in, only a couple of companions kickin it and tuning in to music.

At around 8:30pm I stack up 100mg of the 5-apb into a container and dunk that mother lover decisively, and tbh at the time I wasn’t generally expecting much which is the reason I ate such an expansive dosage.

Kid was I wrong, after around 30-40 mins I as of now had such an extreme body high, I was lying before the speakers impacting bass substantial chillers and I suspected that I had as of now hit the pinnacle. Oh dear I wasn’t right once more, the come up began and it was stunning serious, my heart was thumping out of my trunk, I bit myself another mouth and the body high was just getting more extreme.

Now I was stressed, no intellectual impacts had kicked in, so I was excessively aware of my heart and I began going crazy a bit, my companions quieted me down and I strolled upstairs to go sit on the gallery and afterward WHAM. LIKE A FUCKING TON OF Blocks I was mysteriously upbeat, it resembled I just railed a fat line of the most grounded MDMA and Cocaine I’d ever taken. I was in supreme stun with what I was feeling, it was so great it was overpowering, thus I chose it was a smart thought to smoke some weed to quiet the fuck down.

I hit the bong with the constrain of a stream motor, sucked in that sweet ol’ mary jane and leant back, my heart appeared to moderate a bit, and I got up to stroll back first floor however I never made it. As I began strolling I got sucked into the most extreme hallucinogenic state I’ve ever experienced. It dumpstered any LSD or Psilocybin encounter I’ve ever had, I was sucked through these stunning scenes and I turned out the otherside with my mouth totally open with my hand over it, as though I had quite recently been demonstrated the intending to all presence.

This didn’t simply happen once, I would stroll around the house talking crap when I would simply get sucked into this state by and by, and turn out the opposite side in entire wonder. It simply continued pushing through serious stim to extreme psych then I’d rests and go heroin mode then it had returned to stim et cetera.

This proceeded for around 8 hours, I’m still in stun with the feelings I felt, I didn’t have any acquaintance with it was feasible for a human to feel so great. I need to state what I saw was genuine and that these creatures I addressed disclosed to me what I expected to listen, yet toward the day’s end, it’s only a medication.


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