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Addictions That Can Risk Your Health

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Drug and alcohol abuse is now increasing at an alarming rate. It becomes difficult to overcome the feeling of using it again and again and thus converting a first time user into an addict in no time what so ever. People feel dizzy, depressed, and shaky when trying to stop the addiction which can affect your social life, friends, and family adversely. So they continue with the addiction to avoid such side effects.

Treatment with Opioids

The treatment for such addiction is by using Methadone, Buprenorphine or Naltrexone which come under the category of opioids with milder effects. Medication – Assisted treatment is said to be useful if it is executed in the right way and with the right amount otherwise it can be fatal. To avail such treatment, you will have to go methadone treatment clinics.

What are opioids?

  • Methadone is commonly used opioid for such cases. It is a lot similar to morphine. It can be ingested as a tablet, powder or liquid. It is safe to use it in limited quantities as an overdose can lead to addiction or abuse.

 What do they do?

  • It alters the way the brain and nervous system responds in such a way that you feel relief. It helps in preventing the withdrawal symptoms by giving a similar feeling to other opioids in a much safer way when correctly administered by doctors at methadone treatment centers.

Here is how they are used to treat such addictions:

  • First, the patient is made to go through specific reviewing processes to decide the dosage required according to their addiction.
  • Each medication has different effects. Its use varies with the type of drug and alcohol addiction
  • Then they are administered a daily dose of the medication, where they are required to visit the clinic regularly according to the type of medication. With the right amount of dosage, the medication reduces the cravings and the withdrawal symptoms to get the brain to function as it would normally.

There several organizations such as SMC Recovery that understand the issues related to drug addiction and are taking relevant steps to make a difference in the society.

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