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CNA Practice Test: A Great Help for CNA Exam Preparation

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A CNA practice test is offered to ambitious certified nurse aide students to evaluate their preparation for the “Competency Evaluation Test” that can earn them CNA Certification. This test uses questions which are designed to test 1 or 2 specific skills. Do you know the federal authorities in the US have passed an act that is “The Federal Nursing Home Reform Act (OBRA ’87)” and mandates every state to certify only those individuals who are soundly evaluated for their nursing skill competency? This method used by the state authorities in order to measure the competency level of the students is CNA Certification Exam.

Furthermore, the passing of the exam shows that the students are efficient in nursing knowledge and skills. However, it is generally found that many aspiring nurse aide students fail to clear the exam in the first attempt. Some of the major factors responsible for the failure of the students are the lack of test preparation because of the ignorance of CNA exam procedures, lack of self-confidence or self-assurance for appearing in the exam, inability to answer all questions within provided exam time, modest knowledge of Test Questions, etc.

This is the reason that many state Boards of Nursing, Board partnered Test Agencies, and campus-based community colleges have developed a CNA Practice Test to help students to evaluate their own nursing skills. You are eligible to appear in the Practice Exam if you have completed Certified Nurse Aide Training Program.

This test enables students to familiarize with the actual exam procedures, types of question they will receive during the real exam, get advance knowledge on the styles and offer an opportunity to students to get prepared well in advance for the coming CNA Examinations. For CNA test practice, you can click here The sample CNA test is provided at this site gives you an idea of the types of questions that are on the real Illinois Nurse Assistant Examination.

Besides, the Sample Exam questions are based on Basic Nursing Care, Personal Care Skills, Role of the Nurse Aide, Legal and Ethical Behavior, Spiritual and Cultural Skills, and other skills. If you are not sure of your preparation for this Test Questions, then you can sit for the Sample Nurse Aide Exam and get sufficient knowledge on the questions you might receive during the real CNA exam.

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