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Crowdfunding for Public Entertainment

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In a society like India’s, where there is a clearly demarcated class division, lifestyles of the various classes are also very different from each other. To simplify it, we can safely say without fear of contradiction, that some part of India’s people can be categorized as have nots, who have no access to things as basic as safety, security, education, freedom, comfortable dwelling places, clean drinking water, nutritious food in three square meals a day, adequate supplies of clean and serviceable clothing, let alone opportunity and free healthcare and chances to entertain themselves to create spaces of happiness between the backbreaking work they have to do to sustain the basic livelihoods they are accustomed to.

There is little room for entertainment in these lives that the poor of India are used to living. This is not only unfair, but also unhealthy. It puts these people at the risk of burning out from jobs that can on no account be satisfactory. The poor, as much as the rich of India, deserve entertainment, and to enable this, crowdfunding India can step into the picture.

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Crowdfunding India is a process that people in India can take advantage of to raise funds online on a crowdfunding platform like Impact Guru to finance any project, including a public project like hosting an entertainment program that the poor can attend for free. This could be a dance recital, an evening of music, art installations, an open air movie screening, a theatre production, a mime show, a standup comedy night, or even a combination of any of these things. It could even be a public Holi playing event, or an arrangement of an event where free fireworks are provided for poor children on Diwali, or storytelling sessions are arranged to mark some social festival. Crowdfunding India can be used in a strategic social crowdfunding bid to introduce some light, brightness, and color to the lives of the poor.

Anyone can rightfully crowdfund for such a project. The process of running a crowdfunding India campaign is so simple that even a child could do it! You simply go to the website of a crowdfunding platform, start a fundraiser, fill your project details and fund utilization plans into the fundraiser micro site and start sharing your fundraiser on social media. Donations will be sure to come in from the people who see this fundraiser on social media and are moved by your need. Some fundraisers have been known to meet their target in as few as seven days! It all depends on how well you tell your story and how diligently you share your story on your social media handles!

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