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Dianabol Dosage Guide – What You Should Know

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Dianabol (D-bol) is also known as Methandrostenolone. Knowing the basics of the dosage course for Dbol is very important. This product is the best choice for those who are looking into improving their muscle strength and size since this is slightly androgenic and highly anabolic. The product has a unique effect on the androgen receptors that causes protein synthesis as well as glycogenolysis, better than the other anabolic steroids on the market today. Before considering this drug, always take some time to do your research about the product. Educate yourself about the expected positive and negative results.

Dianabol Uses and Half-Life

Most users take Dianabol to build their muscles as well as improve the proportion of their physique. However, this drug is not best for cutting cycles. When it comes to timing your dose, remember that Dianabol has a short half-life of 5 to 6 hours. This product is one of the shortest to live but is a very fast-acting steroid.

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Since Dianabol is a fast-acting drug, most bodybuilders and weightlifter take is for a couple of weeks before starting a steroid cycle. This is to kickstart the results. But others use Dianabol to bust through plateaus when their gains and size are starting to disappear. Dosage is very important to take note. This is where the results depend on. If you take too little, there will be no results, and if you take too much, side effects are inevitable.

The Ultimate Guide to Dianabol (DBol) Dosage

Most users are advised to take 10mg of Dianabol every day. You might think that this is a very low dosage. When it is taken consistently, you can gain 15 to 20 pounds in just four weeks! There is no perfect dosage with Dianabol. You can either experiment with different dosages to find the best match for you, or you can check out with bodybuilding websites and forums for the best dosage course for dbol. Dbol dosage should never exceed 50 mg a day. If you will be taking more than this amount, there is a high risk of side effects. Beginners are advised to start out with 10 to 20 mg a day to obtain optimum results. More experienced users can take 40 mg to 50 mg or less.

Dianabol Potential Side Effects and Preventive Measures

Dianabol is hepatotoxic, which means that the steroid has a toxic effect on the liver. If not used properly, this could be a potential cause of damage to the liver. But these damages are avoidable as long as you use the product responsibly. The liver enzyme levels will elevate with Dbol use, but it will go back to normal once the product use is stopped.  Some bodybuilders are using a thistle extract to add liver protection. There are others who turn to the safer alternatives of Dianabol. These are all-natural steroid alternatives that act similarly to Dianabol, but with lesser no side effects. The steroid alternatives are highly recommended for those users who are hypersensitive to steroids. These products are 100{864f12ffc18b5ec4715735302b11ba77405c1258d8f909b4d633c5ec8b8b82df} legal and very safe to use.

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