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Family Kicked Out of Theatre Because of Autistic Boy with ValueMags

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In a Chicago Broadway Theatre, a woman and her son were asked to leave because her son was being “disruptive”. Little did the complaintants know that the way was autistic. Depending on the severity of the autism, the individual may make sounds to express themselves. However because the theatre is considered a quiet place, surrounding individuals in the audience did not appreciate it. This story hits close to home for some ValueMags employees. The marketing and distribution company for magazine publishers has a couple of employees with autistic or down syndrome individuals in their families. Employees that work at ValueMags cherish their position and company environment. The company is a family oriented environment that welcomes families on lunch hours and accommodates employees that have family duties during the day.

The mother said that she has never been kicked out of anything with her son. This is a form of discrimination. The director of theatre who was not present when employees asked the mother and son to step is taking all measures to investigate the matter and comfort the mother and son who feel rejected and insulted. The incident is being reviewed with the staff and those who made the decision will be suspended for discriminating clientele. ValueMags employees feel that Broadway is a place for all. A venue that is meant for everyone to escape and feel free. Especially when it is a children’s show like Aladdin. Aladdin among many theatre shows is one for children. So why then kick out a child who likely appreciates the beauty of the theater production much more than many there do?

ValueMags encourages individuals to be more considerate of those around them. This includes citizens and employees. Acting rashly can hurt people and put inflict a bad reputation on your brand. How will the Broadway theatre bounce back from this? It is up to the director, staff, and Broadway to train their staff on complex situation or better yet, hire individuals with moral and ethical intuition.

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