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Four Common Concerns Your Female Clients Have When Working Out

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Many women want to get in shape and lose excess body weight. By exercising more women can gain confidence, feel better and enjoy their lives more. However, there are few things that they don’t want to associate themselves with whenever they think of the gym or of working out. As a personal trainer who has taken a gym instructing course Liverpool, you should be able to address these concerns for your clients.

  1. Becoming bulky: When it comes to losing weight, strength training is very effective and it’s about pushing our muscles. Many women are reluctant to join a personal training session, because they are terrified of looking manly by bulking up. Women shouldn’t be afraid of getting huge arms the second they pick up a barbell. Most people build sizeable muscles mass only after following a strict nutrition or exercise plan that focuses on building muscle. Toned is a less aggressive term about burning fat and building muscle. In reality, by working on their muscles, women can get a more defined look.
  2. Self-hate: Women love to hate certain parts of their bodies. They want to fix those less desirable parts whatever the cost. Some can be so dissatisfied with their body that they avoid exercising altogether because they feel that it just won’t make a difference. When working out, women shouldn’t zone in on the things they don’t like about their bodies as it is more important to pay attention to the things that they love.
  3. Self-Doubt: Many women can’t think about pushing themselves physically, so they need to work hard to erase this from their mental monologue. People who have high confidence are more likely to hit the gym and work out with a personal trainer. It is important for women to focus on things that they can do and then start from this. It doesn’t matter if they start with the smallest barbells in the gym or doing a few push-ups on their knees. Sooner or later, women will start doing things in the gym they never thought possible, like doing one handed push-ups and running marathons.
  4. Eating too little food: Many women are eager to lose weight so they do intermittent fasting or choose a gluten free diet. This could cause them to become deprived of the nutrients and feel under-fueled. It is true that people need to manage their food intake if they want to lose weight, but it doesn’t mean depriving themselves of much needed energy. In reality, about 80 percent of our daily energy comes from carbohydrates as these carbs get converted into fast-acting glycogen. Food is still essential to nurture and fuel our body, so women shouldn’t deprive themselves of healthy foods when trying to lose weight and get in shape.

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