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Growth Hormone Therapy – Safety Precautions, Benefits And Probable Side Effects

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The pituitary gland is responsible for producing growth hormones or HGH. The hormone affects height and also the rejuvenation, repair and healing of various body cells. It strengthens the immune system, enhances brain function and enzyme production in the body. Malfunctioning of pituitary gland may cause growth hormone deficiency.

Growth hormone therapy

The levels of HGH decline with the advancement of age. This may lead to signs of ageing and several other issues. Growth hormone therapy may prove effective for people, who record low levels of this hormone in their body. The deficiency can cause metabolic disorders, neuromuscular problems, and cardiovascular issues and may also affect the cognitive capabilities. In such cases, doctors may advise growth hormone therapy. The growth hormone therapy involves regular usage of injections, which are often expensive.

Side effects of the Growth Hormone Therapy

 Though effective, the therapy may cause several side effects. Some of them include:

  • Sensation of being pierced by needles and pins in the legs and arms while sleeping.
  • Joint issues like skeletal joint pain, swelling in joints, muscle pain and also the severe condition called acromegaly in some cases.
  • Severe side effects include diabetes, breathing issues and higher risk of cancer.
  • People suffering from pancreatic disease, hypothyrodism, cancer, high blood pressure and kidney and liver disease may experience serious side effects.

The side effects of the therapy may effectively be reduced by taking natural supplements instead of injection. They may take longer to produce the desired results, but are considered safe.

HGH injections

Human Growth Hormone injections are available on prescription. They can help in slowing down the ageing process improve lean muscle mass and also aid in weight loss. Without a prescription, the usage of the injectable is illegal. The prescription may be obtained after consulting a doctor. The doctor, on the basis of a blood test, may determine the level of the important hormone found in the body. For people, who have normal levels of growth hormone, the doctors may enquire about the reason for the willingness of the patient to take the injectable.

Most doctors refrain from prescribing the injections for athletic and bodybuilding goals. However, people who record low levels of this hormone are generally prescribed these injections. Such people are advised to use the injection with caution and according to the instructions provided by the doctor.

The growth hormone secreted by pituitary gland is responsible for several important functions. The deficiency of the hormone may effectively be treated with the help of growth hormone therapy. Gain more information on

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