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Infinite Usefulness of Clenbuterol

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Clenbuterol is a strong thermogenic that raises your body’s internal temperature due to which your basic metabolic rate rises. With overdrive in metabolism, your body can use the stored fat for your energy needs. You will be able to burn calories and rip off body fat leaving you with ultra-lean muscle and a ripped physique. It also increases oxygen flow providing your cardiovascular performance a boost in addition to charging up your muscles for an intense, longer workout. In the industry of medicines, this steroid is commonly known as the “cousin” of ephedrine as this supplement arouses beta-2 receptors as a beta-2 agonist.

Legal status in New Zealand

Because of its fat burning properties numerous New Zealanders use it for losing weight and building a toned figure. Though it is a renowned product among bodybuilders and gym-goers yet there arouses a lot of confusion regarding the legality of this product. Irrespective of Australia or New Zealand this supplement is regarded as a prescription-only drug that has got approval only to use in horses. You can’t purchase this product over the counter and in this matter, even a physician from your own house can’t write a prescription for you. New Zealanders can order this product through online research chemical suppliers in the United States where it is considered lawful and not a controlled substance.

Clen Cycle for Women

Experienced female bodybuilders are aware of the fact that this medicine becomes more powerful when it is used with steroids like Anavar. Anavar is a trivial anabolic steroid that improves strength and durability of female users besides speeding up the fat breakdown procedure. Female bodybuilders stack Clen and Anavar for the purpose of bulking and cutting cycles. Additionally, these two steroids do not convert into estrogen. Moreover, this cycle should not be used by pregnant women or who are planning to get pregnant. A standard cycle of these two compounds would run for 12 weeks. It starts with 20 milligrams of Clen daily then increasingthe dose to 40 mg on the next week.

Anavar is presented on the third week in the cycle with a dose of 10 mg each day. There won’t be any change in the cycle till the 8th week when the dose of Clen would be increased to 80 mg per day. The use of Anavar should be at a standstill on the 10th week, whereas Clen dose is enlarged to 100 mg daily on the 11th week till the cycle finishes. A more progressive cycle would invite more steroids like HGH and MethenoloneEnanthate. The cycle becomes more suitable for cutting but should never be tried by a first time female Clen user. This cycle too runs for 12 weeks.

Buying in New Zealand

You can’t expect your local supplemental stores in New Zealand to sell this steroid to you. However, you can’t also depend on underground sources or a gym instructor or your friend’s friend in this matter. Purchasing from these sources may not only lead you into trouble with the law but also can put your health at risk because of its low-quality standards. People living in Australia or New Zealand can buy this supplement from the USA suppliers and in small quantities for personal use.

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