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Jungian therapy – We All Walk in Shoes Too Small

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At one point we are emotionally distress and as such we can be affected mentally. The effect of this stress can either last temporarily or might even stay longer. Some of such effects are depression and anxiety which are classified under mental disorder. There is a lot of therapy that has been introduced to eliminate such mental disorder one of which is the Jungian therapy. To better understand this therapy we can liken mental disorder to flu.

The Jungian therapy is propounded by Carl Jung. The Jungian therapy Manhattan deals with the study of the human behavior in combination with their thinking faculty and links it to spiritual wisdom.

The Jungian therapy is done by first engaging the individual in a calm discussion to better understand his or her background. The discussion includes the history of the patient, his/her life experience in both the family and social cycle. What he/she experience at work, if the individual is having any intimate relationship or if he/she has been involved in an intimate relationship. All these questions will help reach a genuine conclusion about the past and present experiences of the individual. Our past experiences has a role to play on what we value and when we express ourselves it tend to make the role we play in our past experiences to become visible for positive correction.

Another aspect of the Jungian approach is that it put into consideration those unconscious activities that the individual engages in like dreaming and fantasizing. This is done in a bid to understand the innermost thought of the person. There are individuals who convey their feelings in writing, drawings and in poems and as such these activities are used to better understand the concerns of the individual. “We all walk in shoes too small.”  is a statement made by Carl Jung which means we think too less of our ability. We feel that we cannot overcome some certain situation. In the past, others have faced similar situation and were able to come out victorious. Such individuals have made positive resolutions to enable them overcome trials.

We all have a difficult but interesting life and when we are made to talk about them through this therapy, people are moved and inspired. These conversations are really beneficial both to the person listening and the individual that is sharing his/her experience. This therapy helps you to draw out your inner potentials and as such you will be thrilled at what you will discover on taking up this opportunity.

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