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Keeping The Health At the Top form With the Chaga Powder

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As you will read chaga contains many healthy bioactive ingredients that can improve our overall health. But how do we prepare this to get the most out of it and unpack and consume all these healthy ingredients? This message explains how you prepare chaga by covering the two main preparation / extraction methods and a delicious recipe for everyone.

Why Do We Need To Prepare Chaga?

Locked in the cell walls of Chaga are all healthy bioactive ingredients, such as the beta glucans. The cell walls consist of chitin, which is the hardest natural material known to man and therefore indigestible without proper preparation. This means that an extraction process is required to release these bioactive ingredients and prepare chaga powder for human consumption.

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Hot Water Extraction

Hot water extraction is the most common, simplest and cheapest method to prepare chaga. It is similar to the traditional tea process, where the chaga lumps or powder are soaked in hot water for a period of time, strained and then drunk as tea.

When using this method, all water-soluble ingredients such as polyphenols and beta-glucans. It is present in the obtained extract. However, water-soluble components such as phytosterols and betulinic acid are lacking.

Double Extraction

Another way to prepare chaga is by making a tincture. A tincture is an alcoholic derivative of a plant, mushrooms or herbs. Tinctures are more effective extraction of the medicinal components and keep them for a longer period of time. Tinctures are also useful because they are easy to use, quickly absorbed and easily added to recipes, beverages, etc.

A tincture uses alcohol extraction method. This method consists of the fact that some water-soluble components, such as betulinic acid and phytosterols, can do the hot water extraction process alone. This extraction is usually used in combination with hot water extraction because alcohol alone does not break down chitin efficiently.

Clean And Dry

Before we can start recipe, raw unprocessed Chaga must first remove all parts of the tree bark. Then it must be cut into smaller pieces and dried. It can then be left as lumps or ground into a powder depending on how you want to use it. Buys processed this from a reputable supplier. This part is most likely taken care of.

You have to have it pulled for about 45 minutes. Otherwise it has no effect at all. Drinking Chaga Tea is good for health, but it also has the strength and potential that extract does. “Chaga Powder” is, it means that it is not the “Extract”. If you are looking for extract, please state that the packaging is explicitly stated, otherwise it is just dried Chaga Powder.

Chaga Mushroom helps protect our DNA. It is a natural antibiotic is a boost to our physical resistance levels, the immune system supports our kidneys, spleen and the liver helps their function to exert a positive effect on blood sugar levels, both general and in diabetic patients the regulates blood pressure, ensures a good balance between red and white blood bodies and the vessel walls strengthens the cholesterol level in our body regulates our body’s balance in our hormone levels. The chaga powder ensures that also.

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