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Make a huge difference in your life with yoga

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Yoga is a practical way of inducing better health and mental peace in your life. It is the practice which involves lots of positions or asans to bring the balance between your mind and body. By practicing yoga regularly for few minutes fills your body with energy and keeps you healthy and fit for a longer time. Apart from these, it will also boost your immunity, physical endurance and mental strength. There are many training schools in Chicago from where you can learn about various yoga techniques of postures along with the benefits which they provide. It will help you to practice the most needed yoga asan to have the better health.

Yoga for the novice practitioners

If you are a newbie for yoga, you should first learn about the yoga vocabulary. It will help you to easily understand the general yoga terms which you will encounter frequently while learning yoga. Yoga vocabulary is generally the Sanskrit words which your yoga teacher will help you to understand in a better way. When you are new to yoga, you can begin with some simple techniques that you can easily learn from trainer of Yoga Chicago.

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Some of the yoga asans for the new practitioners are:

Tadasana: This is the standing pose. You have to stand on your heels in the straight position. This helps in improving your concentration and focus. While standing on the heels, you have to lift up and down your body.

Adho Mukho Svanasana:  It is the position in which you have to face downwards while lifting up the lower back part of your body. This pose stretches your muscles of chest, arms, back and spine together. It promotes blood flow in head and improves your energy level.

Kursiasana: It is the chair pose which you can easily do. You have to sit in the position as if there is a chair. It is powerful for your legs and waist and helps in boosting your willpower and energy.

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