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Making Your Very own Water Kefir: Instructions

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Have you been considering making your very own water kefir? Then this post is for you – Today we are going to be providing easy instructions which all can follow! Keep on reading…

Equipment Needed

  • Strainer (non-metal)
  • Plastic or wooden spoon
  • Glass jar with lid (With a capacity of at least 1 litre)
  • Bottles for storage

Ingredients Needed

  • 1 sachet of water kefir grains
  • 1 tablespoons of organic raisins or your choice of un-sulphured dried fruit
  • 65g-70g sugar
  • ½ organic lemon
  • 1 slice of peeled fresh ginger
  • 750ml – 1litre filtered, chlorine free water (To remove chlorine from water you should boil the water and then leave it to stand overnight)


  1. Start off by dissolving your sugar into your water. Make sure that you use sugar and not honey in which some people suggest. Honey is not recommended as it holds antimicrobial properties which can damage water kefir grains and delay their proliferation.
  2. Then you should add your water kefir grains, raisins, lemon and ginger to your sugar water mixture in your glass jar.
  3. Allow your water kefir to brew in your jar with the lid on loosely for 24-72 hours depending on how strong you prefer your brew to be. You need to bear in mind that the warmer your house is, the faster you kefir will brew, therefore if you have a really hot house you may want to reduce your brewing time.
  4. Not it is time to stain your kefir grains, lemon, raining and ginger from the water so that it is 100{864f12ffc18b5ec4715735302b11ba77405c1258d8f909b4d633c5ec8b8b82df} liquid.
  5. Divide you liquid into smaller bottles and leave them to sit for another 24-48 hours, allowing for fermentation to continue.
  6. Finally, serve your kefir and ENJOY!


  • Kefir is incredibly versatile and the recipe can be altered in order to suit individual’s tastes impeccably. Some people like to add herbs into the mix, whilst other like the addition of mint, anise and cardamom. Test out a few different things before choosing your favorite.
  • If you know anyone that is pregnant, elderly or with compromised immunity you should feed them kefir as it is known to provide excellent nourishment.
  • Milk kefir is also great and can be purchased from the same suppliers as those whom provide water kefir equipment typically.

What do You Think?

Whether you are new to brewing kefir or are a kefir brewing expert we would love to hear your thoughts! How did this recipe work out for you? Have you got any further tips and tricks to share? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment and share your kefir experience/journey.

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