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Six Simple Tricks for Making Brushing Interesting to Your Child

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Having gotten through the first months of child rearing, you are probably feeling like a hero, until the first tooth appears and you do not know how to keep the pearl clean. You are aware that it is vital to form good dental care habits from a tender age, but the resistance from your little one is alarming. Dr Nancy Halsema advises parents to help their kids to brush their teeth until they are seven years old.

While brushing your kiddo’s teeth might not be a pleasurable experience, where there is a will there is a way. Try one of these tactics and if you find the one that works for your child, stick to it and ensure your little one has a lifetime of healthy and beautiful smiles.

Be a role model
Kids like copying what their parents do. You will see a small girl gaze at the mom while applying her makeup or a little boy admiring the dad as he shaves. Some go to the extent of doing what they saw their parents do when everybody else is away. Why not do the same with your tooth brushing routine?

Make it a habit of brushing your teeth with your little one. Let the kiddo watch you as you massage your gum and brush your tongue. Let them watch as you admire your teeth after you have finished cleaning. This way, your child will realize that brushing is an enjoyable activity with a satisfactory outcome.

Use the mirror
You are likely to make zero progress if you sit your kid on the toilet and try to make them brush. The best way is to have the child look into the mirror then stand behind them and assist them to brush. Looking into the mirror works since they can watch what they are doing thus making the activity enjoyable.

Let your child brush you too
You might feel uncomfortable when your child cleans your teeth, but as long as it works, then the reward is worthwhile. Open your mouth and allow them to brush your teeth. At this point, you need to showcase your acting prowess. Make it look like you are enjoying the activity, and your child will want to experience the fun too. In case the kid does not enjoy doing it on you, get a stuffed doll and allow them to brush its teeth.

Make it fun
A great trick is to create a game that you can play while cleaning. For instance, you can create a story of how “sugar warriors” are attacking his teeth and the only technique of winning the war is to use a toothpaste and toothbrush. After you have finished, you can celebrate your victory over the sugar warriors. However, practice moderation so that you do not scare the child by making him believe his mouth is full of bad things.

Give rewards
Consider rewarding your kids after they brush their teeth. The reward can come in various forms, as long as it is not an edible. For instance, you can have a calendar and stickers. Every time the child has finished brushing, place a sticker on the timetable as a reward. You can also give stars for every successful brushing activity. Put a value on every star in that stars can earn presents such as a bicycle or a play station.

Use a child-friendly toothpaste
There is a range of kids’ toothpaste for you to choose. Besides the flavor in the paste, the design on the container also matters. Children are thrilled to see their preferred characters drawn on the toothpaste’s packaging. This way, they will look forward to using the paste on their teeth every time they are asked to brush. When shopping for the toothpaste, allow them to choose the one they prefer.

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