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Smart Tips in Properly Storing Your Cannabis

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As we grow on our cannabis lifestyle, we come across some point in time when we ask ourselves to how long our marijuana can stay long. Maybe you’ve discovered a couple of buds you’ve bought at your favourite Wheat Ridge marijuana dispensary that is tucked under your bed or when reaping a therapeutic harvest, and you may require an approach to securely store the abundance buds until the point that you’re prepared to devour your rewards for so much hard work.

Like a fine wine basement or bourbon barrel, cannabis is the best when matured in a cool, dim place, and keeping in mind that there is no fixed termination date for cannabis, there are a couple of key components to consider while putting away cannabis for any broadened period.

Perfect Temperatures for Storing Marijuana

Build up and different forms on cannabis and other natural issue flourish in temperatures in the vicinity of 77° and 86° F, so basic precautionary measures of keeping your cannabis in a cool, dull place will go far. Unnecessary warmth can dry out the cannabinoids and terpenes that have taken a long time to create. At the point when this oil gets excessively dry alongside plant material, it can bring out a hot and cruel smoke.

Right Humidity for Marijuana Storage

Stickiness (or simply known as humidity) control is vital to keep build-up and other form contaminants from your cannabis. Keeping your cannabis put away in a controlled situation with the best possible relative humidity (RH) reaches can be somewhat of an exercise in careful control, yet the general accord is to keep cannabis in the vicinity of 59% and 63% RH when put away to keep up and upgrade shading, consistency, smell, and flavor.

Do’s and Don’ts in Storing Your Marijuana


  1.    Store out of direct daylight in a cool, dry place
  2.    Store in compartments with an impartial charge, similar to glass jugs.
  3.    Utilize hygrometers or items like Boveda to screen and control RH levels
  4.    Vacuum seal jugs and holders to limit oxygen introduction
  5.    Differentiate your strains to keep up their individual flavour profiles
  6.    Research on the numerous excellent approaches to store your cannabis. The cannabis business is developing each day, with new items and organizations that is outlining answers for the greater part of your cannabis stockpiling needs.


  1.    Store in a cooler or refrigerator. The changes in humidity and temperature can expand your possibility of mildew and mold. Solidifying temperatures cause the delicate trichomes to end up fragile and sever like little icicles when taken care of.
  2.    Store in plastic packs or compartments. Plastic regularly has a static charge that can draw in valuable trichomes. If you should utilize a plastic pack, just utilize it for here and now stockpiling of little amounts of cannabis.
  3.    Store above or around gadgets or apparatuses that radiate warmth. Warmth rises so rather, store your cannabis in a low pantry, rack, or in the storm cellar of your home, much like a wine basement.
  4.    Utilize a tobacco humidor. Most utilize cedar wood, which has oils that exchange and can impact the kinds of your cannabis. They additionally tend to utilize sponges that utilize propylene glycol to direct dampness and can oversaturate your cannabis.
  5.    Store marijuana paraphernalia with your marijuana. The slag and gum from consumed cannabis tend to wait and will stink up any capacity compartment. Additionally, it is just great manners to keep your provisions particular and clean.

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