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Steroids, Athletes and the Relatively Unknown Facts Related To Them

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Steroids and their use and abuse among sportsmen have often been a matter of debate, speculation and controversy! In fact, the compulsion of steroid testing among athletes in nothing new in the sports world; rather it started right back in the 1968. Then, the athletes were particularly tested before the Olympic Games. It was done to stick to the safety measures of different drug use and abuse. However, back in 2017, you can see dope testing is been conducted just about everywhere- ranging from sports leagues held by colleges and even in the military!

But what is the practicality of such tests?

Steroid Test And Your Profession

Though use of steroids among athletes is something very widespread, you should know that its use and abuse is no more confined among them only. In fact, professionals following vocations that require heavy physical performance and a lot of body strength are often seen to take the strongest of the steroids. Such professions include military and similar law enforcement jobs, construction, warehousing and even security! Consuming performance enhancers might not seem to be a bad idea for you. However, the authorities became more stringent to its use after several unfortunate athlete death cases in the 1960’s, as well as in the 1970’s. And many of the victims were found to have abused performance enhancers. This propelled the then President Ronald Reagan sign the Anabolic Steroids Control Act in 1988, thus outlawing their non-medical usage.

How Does it Work

Testing for steroid is usually done with a testing kit, which is nothing hard to procure. Generally, it is done through a basic urine test. However, doctors can also sample your hair and blood. As they mention that there are over 40 different anabolic steroid agents; and they have different masking agents. The results can be unbelievably acute! Basically, the anabolic steroids that the sportsmen, amateur sportsmen and high schoolers take are nothing but testosterone boosters. They will simply trigger the activities of the chemicals already existing in your system. No wonder that the users often fail to check the temptation to use them for that additional physical strength and improved performance. However, in the long turn, they can land you up with a number of side effects, ranging from irritability, damaged liver, and impotency to something as serious as cardiac arrest! No wonder that steroid testing for athletes, as well as the militaries have been made compulsory only to keep them stay naturally healthy, and keep them in a free-from-drug-abuse state!

About NFL Steroid Testing

The use of steroids among athletes is nothing new; and its consumption is particularly common among the baseball players of the nation. However, footballers have a longer history of drug abuse than that of the baseballs. The NFL, in fact, declared it illegal back in 1988. The rules became even more stringent when Lyle Alzado died in 1992. His untimely death was particularly attributed to his alleged anabolic drug dependence. In keeping with such incidents, drug testing has been made compulsory even for collegiate students as well as the solders. In the military, the present law has it that if anyone is tested ‘positive’ in the tests, he will be expelled from the service immediately, with no questions entertained.

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