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Testosterone Replacement Therapy is Up to You and Your Doctor

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Testosterone replacement therapy may or may not be for you. You and your doctor must decide. Even today, many doctors say that testosterone is not good for prostate health and may even cause cancer growth. But as men get older, their testosterone level declines and there is an increase in conditions related to prostate, prostate cancer, and BPH. This bad idea testosterone started there over 80 years. In ancient times, a doctor thought castration was the way to cure prostate cancer. The eunuchs had small sexual organs and small prostates that caused rapid release of testosterone propionate. There seemed to be a logical connection and a good idea at the time.

Today some say that doctors use both castration drugs and scalpels. In 1936, a study was made just after testosterone could be synthesized in 1935. Doctors have recently been successful and it was not easy to get.

In the past, doctors found that estrogen was detrimental to being the good of the prostate and testosterone was useful for prostate health. In addition, what was known was that testosterone to estrogen was crucial. Testosterone had to control and limit estrogen, the female hormone. More than 80 studies have reported on the subject. In 1938, one study found that testosterone levels decline as men age and prostate problems grow considerably.

As testosterone had only recently been discovered, the patients analyzed were receiving the tests of the animals. The results were good. The medical profession referred to other studies using testosterone propionate synthesized with animal tests. Doctors even know that testosterone was a good way to cure BPH, a common problem. Nowadays, modern science cannot prove that testosterone accelerates prostate disease.

It is logical that testosterone has always been our friend. There are many studies that demonstrate the testosterone necessary for prostate health and for proper metabolism. There is more chance of prostate disease when serum testosterone is lower.

There are research physicians who think that lowering testosterone levels is the path of carcinogenesis. They believe that low levels complete reducing the rate of cancer. Cancer patients, they found, with lower testosterone levels had a worse prognosis according to previous studies indicating that these doctors.

An African study predicts a poor prognosis in patients with prostate cancer who had low serum testosterone levels. The higher the level, the lower the patient’s outcome is worse. Patients who died earlier were more aggressive tumors and low testosterone levels. Patients with higher levels of testosterone lived longer and had less aggressive tumors.

The hormone builds consensus on the subject of the prostate. ProStats Males are more affected by hormones than any other reason, but even specialists rarely examine hormone levels. Your patients should require a hormone test, but this requires a licensed physician. Blood must be drawn and analyzed and the cost can be very expensive. Even not with the rapid release of testosterone propionate.

With scientific advances, there is now a saliva test. You can send a sample of your saliva to a laboratory for a radioimmunoassay test. The cost is very reasonable. You just send your saliva to the lab. When you get the results, take a look at the advice of a rejuvenation clinic to see if testosterone replacement therapy is appropriate for you.

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