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Regardless of your opinion on the cannabis market, there are a few universal truths about this “budding” crop that hold true. This article will present a balanced point of view that takes both sides of the topic into account. Cannabis has long been subjected to scrutiny by those who feel that legalizing the plant will eventually make drug use both acceptable and rampant, sending the wrong message to our youth, our citizens and ultimately the rest of the world. Despite its criticism, medicinal and recreational cannabis use are bringing not only health benefits to those in need, but also financial benefits to states that are in need of a boost in their economy.

The argument against legalization of marijuana (in any respect), takes on several commonalities to those who feel it should remain illegal. The main argument is that it’s a gateway drug, and is also addictive. While you may know a friend or two who smokes nonstop and needs to get their life together, the evidence that they are physically addicted to weed is nonsense. Researching this topic will lead you to numerous disjointed “studies” that are essentially inconclusive, and grasping at strings at best. Mental health issues are thought to accompany marijuana abuse, however nearly all addictions are attached to psychological disorders, even healthy addictions. Emergency rooms aren’t filled with incidents related to cannabis, the same cannot be said about alcohol and nicotine, both well known to be major sources of causing cancer. The withdrawal symptoms of marijuana use are laughable compared to alcohol, and many prescription drugs such as Xanax, in which its users can die from seizures, as with alcohol, both perfectly legal and readily available.

The benefits that cannabis offers are plenty. Many who don’t want to take medications to aid pain relief state that not only does it reduce the pain, but also benefits them with other symptoms such as loss of appetite. It’s quite common to read in blog posts that it’s the only thing that helps them. Common medicinal uses are for glaucoma, cancer and epilepsy, however there are over seven hundred documented conditions it’s used to treat. The number of states who have not moved to either decriminalize or make it available at least medically is in the very slim minority. States are also beginning to recognize the economic benefit of allowing the sale of marijuana in their jurisdictions. The market is expected to grow to well over $20 billion by 2020, and expected to increase beyond that number. States such as California and many Native American tribes have been reaping the benefits from this crop for quite some time. Not only do the majority of American’s support legalization in some respect, but it even gets a number of “red” supporters in government, who most would think to be unlikely to support such a cause.

The benefits of the cannabis market expanding clearly outweigh the negatives people have held onto for so long. Not only are there health benefits, but economic benefits as well. While I’ve only covered a very small portion of this huge topic, the generalizations alone are typically enough to shed some light on the topic. The number of small businesses that also benefit from this market such as Thick Ass Glass (which you can find here): is promising as well. This evolving market is one to certainly one to keep your eyes on, whether you are an investor, aficionado, patient or just someone who finds it to be an interesting topic, there is a place for nearly everyone in this tremendous growth opportunity.

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