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Top 5 Qualities Every Good Nurse Should Have

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A lot of advancements have been achieved in the health and patient care division. As a healthcare practitioner, one is expected to be updated with the latest advancements in the medical field and have the compassion and dedication to serve the patients. The job of a nurse requires utmost care, compassion and presence of mind while handling the patients. If you think you have what it takes to be a good nurse, then do check out for some of the latest nursing jobs in the medical industry.

There are plenty of great qualities, which make you a good nurse. Let’s dive into some of these qualities and understand them.

See the Big Picture: The nurse in-charge of a patient should understand and familiarize with the patient’s needs and treatments. You should be aware of the minute changes and fluctuations in his medical readings. You should also be vigilant and inform the doctors as and when required. The nurse on duty should be aware of the shift change hours and do a proper handover to the next nurse on duty.

Be Adaptable: The planned regime for a patient can change anytime, and the nurse should be adaptable to accept and adjust to any unforeseen changes in the schedule while taking care of a patient. You should be flexible and understand that the patient’s health is of utmost priority and adapt accordingly for his betterment.

Understand the Patient’s Lifestyle: A good nurse should always observe, learn and understand their patient’s lifestyle. You should monitor and guide your patients to a healthy lifestyle. You should take charge of their dietary, health and daily routine regimes, and ensure its on track and as planned by the doctor.

Never Play Favourites: An efficient nurse must always ensure that their work schedules are as planned and fair. Displaying favouritism can ruin the mood of your fellow staffs for the entire day and create problems at work. So, always ensure you follow the assignments as planned and abide by it for smooth functioning.

Stimulate Your Patient’s Interest: Bad health can be very demotivating to the patient and his relatives. Always try to keep your patients motivated and let them know what to expect from the treatment. Being compassion towards your patient and his family can help in faster recovery. Building the right rapport and understanding the patient’s concern is one of the prime duties of a great nurse.

It takes a lot of patience, dedication and compassion to be a great nurse. This definitely is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you think you have the required knowledge and the skill to be a great nurse, you should explore the numerous options in the medical industry and get placed in some of the best medical health care centres.

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