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Treat the symptoms of the earliest stages of Alzheimer’s disease

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Alzheimer is an uncured disease in which your nerve cells become weak and are not able to maintain the communication with the brain due to which you are unable to produce an immediate response to the stimulus. This affects your behavior, thinking, and memory.  If you are unable to know about the disease in early stage, its effect increases and reaches to a situation when there is no any possibility to keep you normal. As it is mentioned above, this is an uncured disease but, if you come to know about the disease in early stage you can prevent its effects. Here are many possibilities like you may be completely cured, you can function normally and you can live normal life up to a long time. There are some symptoms of knowing the early stage of this disease that your doctor can know well but if you forget the recently learned information so you should immediately go to the doctor. If the doctor says, you are suffering from Alzheimer; you can start taking Aricept 5mg tablets after prescription.

How Alzheimer affects your brain?

  • In your brain, acetylcholine helps to pass a message from a nerve cell to another.
  • During Alzheimer, another chemical acetyl cholinesterase reduces the level of acetylcholine.
  • After reduction, there is not enough amount of acetylcholine in your brain due to which message does not deliver between the nerve cell and you are unable to the response to any stimulus.

How does this tablet work?

  • The tablet blocks the action of acetyl cholinesterase and thus allows passing the message between nerve cells.
  • Initially, a 5mg tablet is prescribed to which your body could easily adapt.
  • After some time, the dose is increased to 10mg.

This medicine has proved to be of great help in reducing the symptoms of Alzheimer allowing you to lead a normal life.

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