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TrenboloneEnanthate – Use of the Steroid Beneficial

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Trenbolone is a steroid thatisof the19-nortestosterone group and is chemically defined as thetrienolone, trienbolone or Δ 9,11-nandrolone. The steroid has been used by many people effectively for anincrease in the mass gain by use of this steroid.  The TrenboloneEnanthate form of the steroid is different from the marketed Parabolan (Trenbolone Hydroxybenzyl carbonate) by the ester that is present in the drug.  This enanthate belongs to a group of the anabolic androgenic steroid group. Most bodybuilders now prefer the use of this steroid than testosterone as it has thebest effect due to its ability to bind to the androgenic receptor more effectively.

Trenbolone Ethanate

Trenbolone normally is classified as a veterinarygrade anabolic steroid with its most common and well-used form along Testosterone Acetate.  The enanthate form of the steroid has been used for by many athletes as a performance enhancing drug to increase the lean muscle mass of the body and strength. Unlike other forms of the drug, it contains a large enanthate ester which allows slow release of the drug into the body.  The availability of this drug leads to the popularity of the product in the black market via online sites.  The compound was first introduced in 2004 by   British Dragon under the label of Trenabol.  It makes this form the youngest marketed Trenbolone derivative in the market and but it has not been used legitimately.It has better effects in the bulking up of the muscles. It has a better effect in muscle building in comparison to testosterone due to its high binding property to the androgen receptor. It has an effective androgenic and anabolic rating of  500 in comparison to Testosterone which scores a 100 in the binding affinity. It shows the strong effect of the drug in promoting muscle growth and justifies positive results by its use. About 50-100mg of the anabolic is used in two dosage for trenbolone enanthate per week to get the desired effect.

Effects Of The Trenbolone Ethanate

The effectability of the drug increases if it has fewer side effects. It is the first choice of the drug for use by the bodybuilders as it leads to increase in the muscle mass most effectively.  The Structural changes lead to slow metabolism with a half –life of the drug of two days. This increases the effectivity of the steroid and recommends the use of it only twice weekly to get the desired effect. The ethane form has a greater binding affinity to the androgen receptor and inhibits aromatization. It does not cause any estrogenic effect as the aromatase enzyme cannot convert it to estrogen which causes water retention problems in the body.   The use of the product increases the protein synthesis and nitrogen retention in the body.

The Dosage of Trenbolone Ethanate

The half-life of the drug affects its dosage pattern. Trenbolone Enanthate has a half-life of two days which leads to the increase in the availability of the drug at a high level in the blood. It is normally used in the range of 50-100mg by a person. This recommended use of optimally two dosages for trenbolone enanthate per week. Care should is taken as an abuse of the steroid can lead to harmful effects.

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