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What Causes Snoring? Learn the Causes and Effects

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One of the most common conditions that affect about eighty five percent of the people is snoring. Various studies and experiments have shown that the condition of snoring is more likely to happen in men as compared to women. It also affects most of those people whose weights are beyond their threshold and are overweight. This condition is known to get only worse with more age.

What Causes Snoring?

Let us first answer the question: what causes snoring? Snoring is caused when the particles that are present in the air form certain sound waves. When a person is sound asleep, the airflow gets turbulent and this in turn causes the topmost part (also known as roof of the mouth) as well as the throat to vibrate. This vibration produces sound and this sound is called snoring.

If a person snores occasionally, then it is not harmful and not considered serious. But if he snores on a regular basis, then he disturbs the sleeping patterns of not just his partner, but his own also. In addition to this, he also damages and impairs the quality of his own sleep. There a lot of cures for snoring for those who are habitual snorers.

The main cause of snoring is that the passage of air gets obstructed physically through the mouth and the nose.

Why Does the Passage Get Obstructed?

These are some of the factors why the passage gets obstructed:

  1. Obstructed Nasal Airways – It has been observed that some of the people snore only during certain seasons that cause allergy because they get affected by a sinus infection.
  2. Deformities– If there is any deformity in the nose such as in the septum or other nasal polyps, this can also give rise to obstructions.
  3. Weak Muscles of Throat and Tongue– Sometimes it so happens that the muscles of the tongue and throat are weak and they get relaxed. Because of this, again there is an obstruction. The muscles get weakened when you are in deep sleep or have consumed alcohol. The muscles also get weak with time.
  4. Bulky Tissue in Throat- If you are overweight, then you might have bulky tissues in the throat. These will again obstruct the passage of wind and cause snoring.

Those people who snore on a daily basis are likely to get affected by a lot of health problems. One of the major ailments that they may get to suffer from is sleep apnea.

This ailment sleep apnea in turn gives rise to these medical problems:

  1. Uneasiness in Breathing– This is caused when the air pathway gets obstructed and the breathing keeps getting interrupted from time to time.
  2. No Proper Sleep– This may cause you to keep getting up frequently. But it happens in such a way that you will not be aware that you were up.
  3. A Heart Strain– This is also known to exert a pressure in the heart and strain it. The blood pressure of the individual would increase and because of this the heart of the person would also get enlarged.

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