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Winstrol – the best cutting anabolic androgenic drug

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Winstrol or Winny is a popular anabolic steroid which is available in oral and injectable forms. Stanozolol is the chemical name of Winstrol. Many bodybuilders, athletes, and power lifters rely on Winstrol for strength and muscle mass. The oral form is mostly chosen by the users in order to eliminate excessive fat from the body. Using Winstrol at the right dose will help the user to prevent serious side effects. Since Winstrol has a short active life, it exists in the body up to two days. So, there is no need to split the dose of winny to stabilize blood levels.

Winstrol Dosages for medical purpose

Winstrol dose for medical purpose is advised as 6 mg as an average daily dose. It has to be split into 2 mg for three times per day. Winstrol injection, a single 50 mg shot is allowed to administer for once in every 2-3 weeks. Oral Winstrol dosage is restricted for only up to 8 weeks of time.

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Winstrol for athletes

Winny is generally used as a cutting dose and stacked with other anabolic supplements among bodyuilders to improve the physical appearance lean and ripped. On the other hand, strength is concerned in case of athletes. In order to increase the strength and endurance, 25 mg is advised for every day or 50 mg per day is for every other day. Some people go for 50 mg per day basis but they have not found any great changes. The average Winstrol cycle is suggested up to 6 weeks.

Winstrol for male & female

Whether it is cutting, bulking or performance enhancement, Winstrol doses will be standard for females. Winstrol does not bring virilization effects as other anabolic androgenic drugs. If the dose exceeds the limit, then there would be expected side effects. An average daily dose of Winstrol for women is 10 mg on alternate days. Some women tolerate up to 20 mg on alternate days whereas side effects might be expected. 4-5 week of Winstrol cycle is sufficient with women.

Men are recommended with 50 mg per day of Winstrol. Though a user exceeds the limit, he may not find good results except side effects. Another pattern is 25 mg per day with proper stacks seem to be effective. The average and recommended Winstrol cycle for men is up to 8 weeks.

As a cutting agent, Winstrol is the best anabolic drug. Users find an increased strength and they gain lean muscle mass with a ripped physique.

Major side effects of Winstrol

  • The drug directly affects the cholesterol; increases LDL level and decreases HDL level
  • Winny causes infertility
  • Long Term use leads to liver damage
  • Brings out stunted growth
  • Creates mood swings
  • Causes hair fall
  • Forms acne issues
  • Causes dryness in the joints and develops pain
  • Leads to testosterone suppression

As Winstrol causes the testosterone suppression, a post cycle therapy with testosterone supplement is needed to increase the reduced level.

Side effects of Winstrol are based on the sensitivity of the users. Using Winstrol at a higher dosage causes severe side effects. So, when the user is highly sensitive to Winstrol, he should immediately stop using it.

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